UJ Online Application 2024/2025 | Check Details Registration And Fees

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) offers an online application system that allows prospective students to apply at their convenience within a set timeframe. This technological advancement enhances the efficiency and speed of UJ’s admission operations.

Preparing for Your Undergraduate Journey at UJ in 2025

Are you ready to start your undergraduate journey at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in 2025? This guide will help make your UJ Application 2025 process smooth and easy. We’ll cover everything from the application opening date to the specific requirements for international students. Let’s explore the key details of the UJ Application process, specifically designed for the UJ Application 2025 Undergraduate class.

How to Apply to the University of Johannesburg Online Application 2024?

  1. Visit the UJ Website
    • Go to the University of Johannesburg website.
  2. Navigate to Admissions
    • Click on ‘Admissions + Aid’ and then select ‘Undergraduate’.
  3. Start a New Application
    • Click on ‘New applicant Apply here’.
  4. Fill Out the Application Form
    • Provide the required information in the application form.
  5. Submit Required Documents
    • Upload the necessary documents as specified.
  6. No Application Fee
    • The application is free, so no payment is required.

How to Track Your UJ Application 2024?

  1. Visit the UJ Website
    • Go to the University of Johannesburg website.
  2. Check Your Application Status
    • Click on ‘Admissions + Aid’ and then select ‘check status’.
  3. Log In
    • Enter your login details to access your application status.

UJ Overview

  • Size and Reach
    • UJ is one of South Africa’s largest contact universities, part of the 26 public universities in the higher education system.
  • Application Deadline
    • Applications close on 31 October.
  • Reputation
    • UJ is among the top-performing universities in South Africa, with four campuses, around 90 departments, and nine faculties, enrolling over 50,000 students annually.

UJ Online Application Guide

  1. Undergraduate Online Application
    • Visit the UJ website.
    • Go to Admissions + Aid and click Undergraduate.
    • Click New Applicant APPLY HERE.
    • Follow the steps to complete the application.
  2. Postgraduate Online Application
    • Follow the same steps as the undergraduate application but select “Postgraduate”.
  3. Application Status Notification
    • Successful applicants will be notified via email and SMS within 48 hours for online applications and within five working days for paper applications.

Uploading Documents

  1. Prepare Documents
    • Scan and save your documents on your computer.
  2. Upload Process
    • Visit the UJ online application portal.
    • Log in with your student number and password.
    • Click Academic/Residence Application.
    • Select Upload Documents Required.
    • Upload each document from your computer.

Applications at the University of Johannesburg (UJ)

UJ Application Requirements

  1. For South African Applicants
    • Completed UJ application form.
    • Copy of ID, student ID, or birth certificate.
    • Latest school results (Grade 12).
    • Certified copy of National Senior Certificate or equivalent.
    • Academic transcript if previously attended another institution.
    • Proof of payment for paper application fee (R200) and residence deposit (R1,220).
    • Email address for communication.
    • Admission Point Score (APS).

Checking Application Status

  1. Status Check
    • Visit the UJ website.
    • Click Admissions + Aid and then CHECK YOUR STATUS.
    • Enter your student number, passport, or ID number.
    • Follow the prompts to log in and check your status.

Offline Application Process

  1. Contact UJ
  2. Submit the Form
    • Send the completed form to: University of Johannesburg PO Box 524 Auckland Park 2006 South Africa

Application Fees

  1. Online Application
    • No fee required.
  2. Paper-Based Application
    • R200 application fee for first-time applicants.
    • Payment details:
      • Account type: Cheque
      • Account number: 626 158 73280
      • Branch name: FNB Client Services
      • Branch code: 210-554
      • Reference: your ID number
      • SWIFT CODE (if needed): FIRNZ AJJ

Registering for Classes

  1. Log In
    • Access the UJ portal with your student number and password.
  2. Complete Registration
    • Follow the instructions on the portal for class registration.
    • Upload necessary documents.
    • Verify your details and make any required payments.
  3. Get Student ID
    • Obtain your Student ID card at your assigned UJ campus after completing registration.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline
    • Applications close on 31 October.
  • Final Selection Process
    • Conducted after the release of Grade 12 results, with notifications sent within five working days.

Additional Information

  • Courses Offered
    • UJ offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across its nine faculties.
  • Fees
    • Details on University of Johannesburg fees are available on the UJ website.
  • Late Inquiries
    • UJ handles late inquiries on a case-by-case basis.
  • Canceling Applications

    • Information on canceling your application is available on the UJ website.

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