Sedibeng TVET College Online Application 2024/2025 – Registrations

Sedibeng College aims to be a top TVET college by providing affordable training and education. Their main mission is to offer students high-quality qualifications, especially in engineering and business courses. These courses are available at different campuses.

To apply for a course at Sedibeng, it’s crucial to check the list of requirements and ensure you meet them. Understanding what’s needed for registration is essential for a successful application.

Prospective students should review the courses and their requirements before applying. This article will guide you through the process, making your journey to Sedibeng TVET College easier by providing information on the courses offered and their requirements.

How to Apply Online for Sedibeng College?

  • Visit the Website:
  • Go to Sedibeng TVET College’s official website.
  • Register as a New Student:
  • Click on the Registrations tab.
  • Select New Student Applications.
  • Click Continue under the Phase One section.
  • Complete the Aptitude Test:
  • Register an account using your ID number (for South Africans) or your country’s identity number (for international students).
  • Answer the 190 YES/NO questions in the aptitude test, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • A report will be generated based on your answers to help you choose the right career path.

Required Documents for Registration

  • ID Document/Passport
  • Academic Certificates
  • Proof of Address
  • ID Document of Next of Kin
  • Study Permit (for international students)
  • Letter from Employer (for Heidelberg part-time students)
  • Valid Email Address
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Mobile Phone Number

Contact Information

Central Office

  • Phone: (016) 420 2520

Heidelberg Campus

  • Phone: (016) 420 2520 / (016) 0040 407
  • WhatsApp: 071 777 3257 (general inquiries), 064 014 5434 (NSFAS inquiries)

Sebokeng Campus

  • Phone: (016) 420 2520 / (016) 100 8234

Vanderbijlpark Campus

  • Phone: (016) 420 2520 / (016) 933 5644

Vereeniging Campus

  • Phone: (016) 420 2520 / (016) 421 1150


Sedibeng TVET College’s main campus is in Vereeniging, with additional campuses in Heidelberg, Sebokeng, and Vanderbijlpark.

Application Details

  • Second Semester: Open for continuing or already admitted students.
  • Application Fee: Check the application form for the fees.
  • Opening Times: The institution is currently open, with ongoing studies for continuing students.

Phase One of Sedibeng TVET College Online Application

The first phase of the Sedibeng TVET College online application involves completing a career interest questionnaire or aptitude test with 190 questions. Follow these steps to find and fill out the application form:

  1. Visit the Official Website: On an internet-enabled device, go to the Sedibeng TVET College website.
  2. New Student Applications: Under the “Registrations” tab, click “New Student Applications.”
  3. Access the Aptitude Test: Click “Continue” under the Phase One section to start the aptitude test.
  4. Register an Account: Create an account to access the test. South African students need their ID number, while international students need their country’s ID number (not passport number).
  5. Complete the Questionnaire: You will see 190 YES/NO questions. It takes about 15 minutes to finish.
  6. Autogenerated Report: After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a report based on your answers to help you make an informed career choice.

Location of Sedibeng TVET College

The main campus of Sedibeng TVET College is in Vereeniging. There are also campuses in Heidelberg, Sebokeng, and Vanderbijlpark.

Second Semester Availability

The college is open, and continuing or already admitted students are following their scheduled academic calendar.

Application Fee

The application fees for Sedibeng TVET College are listed in the application form. Ensure your application is complete to avoid reapplying during the next period.

Opening Schedule

The institution is open, and continuing students are attending their classes as scheduled.

Quality Education

Sedibeng College offers quality education and admits qualified students to various courses. The institution has experienced lecturers ready to help students achieve their dreams.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Sedibeng TVET College website.
  2. Continue Application: Select “Click here to continue.”
  3. Fill in Required Fields: Enter all necessary information.
  4. Upload Documents: Provide the required documents.
  5. Complete the Application Form: Finish filling out the form to apply.

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